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Aiming to gain clarity & insights regarding business growth? Collaboratively, we identify your key growth goals and devise a strategic plan to transition from your current position to your desired outcome.

+ Professionals aiming to level up their careers, enhance their personal brand, or improve their leadership skills 
+ Individuals or teams within organizations who require expert branding advice to accelerate their projects or initiatives
+ Venture capitalist and investors seeking branding & marketing advisory and coaching services to accelerate growth and improve the performance of their portfolio companies, ensuring maximum return on investment
+ Companies exploring AI strategies and seeking expert guidance to rapidly integrate artificial intelligence solutions into their brand strategy, driving innovation and enhancing their competitive advantage

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Timeline: 6 or 12-month program

What it includes:

Brand Discovery Sessions: Unearth the heart of your brand, its why, and envision your future path.
Positioning Refinement: We'll capitalize on your unique strengths to refine your positioning in the market.
Personalized Brand Story: Together, we'll craft a compelling brand story that resonates with your audience and sets you apart.
Target Audience Identification: Define the audience you want to connect with and tailor your brand accordingly.
Authentic Leadership Persona: Cultivate a leadership style that garners trust and establishes your authority.
Strategic Goal Setting: Set clear objectives to achieve extraordinary results on your brand journey.
Personal Branding Strategies: Enhance your visibility and influence through thoughtfully crafted personal branding.
Confidence Building: Develop unwavering confidence in presenting your brand to the world.

Timeline: 3, 6 or 12-month retainer

What it includes:

Initial business brand audit and strategy consultation
Market analysis and trend forecasting
Identification of potential new business opportunities
Competitive analysis and differentiation strategies
Guidance on business growth strategies
Monthly strategy meetings and quarterly in-person strategy meetings
Availability for consultation on strategic decisions as needed

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Discover the path to your potential with our one-on-one BHA brand strategy session. This personalized meeting offers a unique opportunity to get actionable advice you can implement immediately. Get clarity with a brand assessment, identify how to create a signature content strategy and convert your audience into engaged leads. Whether you're an established executive or an emerging leader, you will receive tailored guidance, strategic insights, and actionable steps to propel you towards your goals. Growing a brand without knowing who you’re trying to reach is like going on a trip without a roadmap or a destination. We’ll define your brand’s heart, your brand why and your future vision. We will refine your positioning and capitalize on what makes Gain clarity, increase your confidence, and accelerate your journey to success.

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